Ramona Quimby, Age 8

I firmly believe in reading to your children. I also firmly believe in teaching your children to love reading to themselves. My sweet mother, thankfully, believed in the same thing, so I grew up believing that bedrooms were decorated with bookshelves and that library visits were weekend adventures. Books were birthday presents and stories were … Continue reading Ramona Quimby, Age 8


I dye my hands before we go to the tombs. The crimson dye looks like blood in the candlelight, and the smell of the paint on my face makes me sick to my stomach. One day I’ll burn the black clothes that I wear and stop pretending to mourn for a man I cared nothing … Continue reading Prayers

The River of Doubt

History is one of my favorite subjects. Any history. Ancient Greece, Egyptian pharaohs, Roman invasions, WWI and WWII, all of them interest me. However, I had a difficult time with history in school, and a good portion of what I learned, I forgot soon after. Why? I don’t like dates or maps or statistics. I … Continue reading The River of Doubt

Acorn Caps

We leave the acorns cups on the porch before I go to bed. Oma says that the fairies will find them there and use them for little caps when they go sliding on the dewy grass. They’ll like that. We leave gifts on the porch for the fairies every night, and every morning they leave … Continue reading Acorn Caps

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Some books are my favorite because they took me to amazing, wonderful places, they made me laugh, they helped me smile again, and they gave me friends when I was lonely. Other books are my favorite because they made me cry. And not cry like they do in the movies, where one solitary tear traces … Continue reading The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Under the Willows

The sun is already setting when I make it to the willows, but he isn’t waiting for me. He promised he would come this time, swore up and down that he’d be able to slip away, but I didn’t really think he would. His master is so much more strict than mine. I can get … Continue reading Under the Willows

House of Many Ways

Do you know what I love? Books . . . about books. More specifically, I love books about readers, because it isn’t hard for me to slip right into the pages and feel as though I am living the story myself. In addition, books about books almost always feature an amazing, incredible library. The sort … Continue reading House of Many Ways


I take her down to the strawberry patch the moment the sun peaks out of the clouds. It’s still drizzling, just a little bit, but her mother will be here in a few minutes, and she’ll cry all the way home if she doesn’t get a few of ‘Grandma’s strawberries’. It’s her favorite part of … Continue reading Strawberries

Follow My Leader

When I was younger, I almost never read a book just once. I had more time, less work, and less selection. So, I read my favorite books over and over again, and I enjoyed them the tenth time as much as I did the first. One of the books that I read, almost to the … Continue reading Follow My Leader