Death on the Nile

I love rainy nights. Nights when the wind is up, when I can listen to the thunder and smell the rain and watch the sky light up on the horizon. Colorado is, unfortunately, not known for its thunderstorms, but we do have them. Once or twice a year. Or every other year. I’m thinking about … Continue reading Death on the Nile

Silver Crown

The night wind stirs the curtains. I can hear the sounds of revelry below, the guards enjoying their night of freedom. Tomorrow they bind themselves to a new mistress, one they are sure will be less harsh, less exacting than their old master. No wonder they sound so festive. I lean against the window frame, … Continue reading Silver Crown

Jane Eyre

My favorite part of reading is coming across a character who lives and breathes, one who mirrors my soul and teaches me about the way I think and feel, a character who shows me myself. As an INFJ, it is not very easy to find a character like myself. More often, I find characters who … Continue reading Jane Eyre


We wait until Mother’s car is out of sight around the bend before we slip out of the house. Maisie wants to go down to the creeks and go fishing, but I’ve been wanting to go to the old orchard ever since I started smelling autumn in the breeze and listening to the geese calling … Continue reading Orchard

Make Your Bed

On May 17th, 2014, Admiral William H. McRaven gave a Commencement speech to the graduating class of the University of Texas. The speech was inspiring, instructive, and highly motivating, so much so that Admiral McRaven later wrote a book based on that speech, called Make Your Bed. I picked this book up a few days … Continue reading Make Your Bed


When I wake, there’s snow on the skylight. The air is cold. I push off my blankets and find the sweater I dropped on the floor before bed last night. It isn’t often cold in the bunkers. Even when the wind howls outside and the ice climbs up over the skylight, blocking our view of … Continue reading Skylight

Shadow Spinner

When I was twelve, I had so much more time for reading than I do now. I suppose that goes without saying, doesn’t it? No job, no books waiting to be written, no insurance bills, no house to clean or meals to cook. Now my evenings are spent frantically making freezer meals and quiche for … Continue reading Shadow Spinner


The nurse leaves the window open when she goes out. For fresh air, she tells me, but I’m sick of fresh air. Just once, I would like to fall asleep without shivering. But we are poor, sick little darlings, and we don’t know what’s good for us, so the window stays open. She locks the … Continue reading Sanitarium

Wind in the Willows

I live in Colorado. And it is January. January in Colorado means temperatures that drop below zero, fields that are dry and brown, and (this year, at least) very little snow. The only color in our dull landscape comes from the pine trees, the mountains, and the sky. The sky in Colorado is spectacular. You … Continue reading Wind in the Willows


The fireplace is empty. Frost is creeping up the glass of the windows. It’s dark now, so dark that I can’t see the garden fence outside the kitchen window, but they’re still not home. They should have been home hours ago. Before supper, Mother told me when she climbed into the wagon. Certainly in enough … Continue reading Frost