Broken Glass

The wind is from the north, cold as a winter’s gale. I could smell the snow as early as this morning, but it hasn’t hit us yet. One of my neighbors came by, offering to batten down the barn for me, get the house ready, and it was odd to hear him rattling around upstairs … Continue reading Broken Glass

What to Do with your Edited Manuscript

Wordbender Editing

Receiving your manuscript back from your editor can be a harrowing experience. So much blood and tears were shed over it. What if your editor hates it?

It starts out with you checking your email like a madman about a week before your editor said she’d have it ready for you, until you’ve exceeded your friend’s email-checking obsession by checking yours over 50 times per day.

And then it appears in your inbox two days early. You think “Oh God, why is it early?! I’m not ready for this!”

At this point, the subject might as well read “WARNING: HEART ATTACK ENCLOSED.” You wonder if anyone around you knows CPR. Didn’t Julius Caesar die of a heart attack? Oh. No, he was stabbed. Like a bunch of times. That’s probably a better fate.

You run to the bathroom and throw up.

Then you come back and stare at it. What…

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7th and Main

7th and Main, they tell me. 7th and Main, but not on the street, not where we can be seen. No, none of us want to be seen, none of us want to be noticed. So we don’t sell in the street. It’s nearly dark by the time I step off the bus. The air … Continue reading 7th and Main

A Christmas Carol

It is not Christmas. I am aware of that, thank you very much. Nor am I generally the type of person to be singing Christmas carols in July or leaving my Christmas lights up all year round. (Okay, you caught me. I totally am.)   But, if we are going to be fair and totally … Continue reading A Christmas Carol

Bamboo Gardens

I hide in the bamboo again, the way I did when I was a child and my nurses wanted to put me to bed. I would complain that the sun had not yet fallen behind the mountains, and then I would hide from them in the gardens, in the bamboo. They always knew I was … Continue reading Bamboo Gardens

A Tale of Two Cities

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . .” So begins one of my favorite classics, a book that I didn’t expect to like and instead fell head over heels in love with. A Tale of Two Cities captivated me. Its poignancy, intrigue, and complex characters drew me in, … Continue reading A Tale of Two Cities

I’m Back!

Last month, my entire family piled into our twelve passenger van at 4 AM, pointed the wheels east, and started out on a two-week adventure. We drove through Kansas, saw lots of rolling hills, dry plains, and squished rabbits, and stopped at gas stations in the middle of nowhere with names no one will ever … Continue reading I’m Back!