After Dark

We don’t go out after dark. None of us do, no matter what kind of errand we’re on. That’s the rule. Matchbox made it in the beginning before most of the younglings had arrived. No one goes out after dark, and no one goes out alone. We all know it, and we all follow it. No … Continue reading After Dark

Realm Makers 2018

I am in Missouri. Missouri is hot. Especially in July. I knew it was going to be hot. I was prepared for it being very, very hot. I packed clothes for hot weather, made sure the air conditioning in my car was working and braced myself for a haze of bugs and muggy heat. I … Continue reading Realm Makers 2018

Riding Solo

Wednesday morning, I woke up at 4:30 A.M. On purpose. Who does that? I mean, the stars are still out, for heaven’s sake. My cat was judging me. I think she wanted me to climb back into bed with her and go back to sleep for a few hours. Or pet her. She doesn’t really … Continue reading Riding Solo

Boba Tea and The Last Sin Eater

I love boba tea. Specifically, raspberry coconut boba tea, although I am not opposed to other flavors. My sister introduced it to me originally. I don’t remember her exact words when she took me to the shop for the first time, but I’m sure it was along the lines of, “This is the best, most … Continue reading Boba Tea and The Last Sin Eater


They bring me satins and silks, embroidered dresses and lace that’s too fine to touch, too fine to wear. We’ve put a high price on my offer of marriage, but they can pay it, these men from the south. They come with golden cloth, with silver woven into scarlet, and I watch them as they … Continue reading Muslin

Of Mice and Fairies

Today, my new book, Of Mice and Fairies, is being released to the world. It’s very exciting. And intimidating. But mostly exciting. My gorgeous, wonderful, talented sister, E. Noel, illustrated Of Mice and Fairies for me. She’s an artist. Like, a real one. It’s super cool. My mom always told us that we should publish … Continue reading Of Mice and Fairies

Little House in Brookfield

Last week, I went shopping. Thrift store shopping, if we’re being specific. Thrift stores are lovely because you can find everything, anything—or nothing, depending on the day. I thoroughly enjoy browsing through several different stores in a single trip, perusing their bookshelves in search of something I don’t already own. It’s a treasure hunt, one … Continue reading Little House in Brookfield


I turn my horse for home when the first stars come out. We follow the fence line, crunching through snow that’s ankle deep and crusted with ice. Another storm rolls on the horizon, black against the fading twilit sky, but there’s plenty of time to make it home before it hits. I pass three herds … Continue reading Fences