Jurassic Park

Sometimes, it is really hard to pick a favorite book. I don’t mean that I have a shortage of books that I absolutely love. If anything, I have too many. (A fact that did not stop me from buying ten more just a few days ago.) No, I have plenty of books that I love … Continue reading Jurassic Park

For the Writer Who Just . . . Can’t

Let’s be real for a minute. Can we do that? I’m going to try, anyway. I’ll let you know if it works out for me. We’re all writers, right? We know how hard it can be to actually write. We know how it feels to sit down and stare at a blank screen for two … Continue reading For the Writer Who Just . . . Can’t

A Wrinkle In Time

I love fall. Seriously. It’s my favorite season. The cozy sweaters, the hot drinks, early mornings with frost on the ground, pumpkins, candles, and, of course, Halloween. Does it get any better than that? The days are shorter, the summer allergies are gone, and everyone is either buying or being annoyed about pumpkin spice lattes. … Continue reading A Wrinkle In Time

In Which Belinda Meets Her Neighbors

I’ve told you about Belinda Munkindot, have I not? I’ve told you about her sweet button nose and her dreadful vanity and her most appalling foolishness. I must have, because, to tell you the truth, she would be absolutely livid if she thought that I had forgotten to tell of all her adventures. She does … Continue reading In Which Belinda Meets Her Neighbors

Bleak House

I have a To-Be-Read pile. That means that I have a long list of all the books I am supposed to read. In theory, they are organized in order according to when I bought them. The older books are read first and the books I impulse buy at various thrift stores, Barnes and Noble outlets, … Continue reading Bleak House


The kitchen smells of honeysuckle when I come in from the barns. The windows are open, a breeze that’s fresh from the hayfield tugging at the curtains. I leave the eggs on the counter and climb the stairs to her room, keeping to the wall where the boards won’t creak and wake her. She’s sleeping … Continue reading Forget-Me-Not

For The Writer Who Is Thinking of Giving Up

I do not have a story this week. Nor, in fact, did I have one last week. Sometimes that’s the way life is. Things get messy, life gets messy, and creativity goes out the window. As writers, I think we’ve all experienced this a time or two in our lives. It’s very hard to be … Continue reading For The Writer Who Is Thinking of Giving Up