For The Writer Who is Afraid

I am going to start this particular post with a horror story. Young or squeamish writers, please hide your eyes. Unsuspecting writer, chatting comfortably with an older relative, friend from high school, or new acquaintance. “Well, between work and writing, I don’t have a lot of time—” Excited gasp. (Or possibly judgmental sniff.) “Oh, that’s … Continue reading For The Writer Who is Afraid

I Knew

The house had a basketball hoop in the driveway. I remember that most of all. That day, the day we had a house, is too fragmented to remember perfectly. But I remember a few things. The real estate agent’s dusty car. The cracked pavement. The weeds. The peeling paint on the front door. And the … Continue reading I Knew

Christmas Books

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year. It’s time for Christmas lights, peppermint-flavored everything, Christmas carols, fudge, peanut brittle, and mistletoe. This season can be a hectic one, and my favorite way to counter that craziness is to keep my evenings to myself. It’s so easy to commit to caroling, numberless Christmas … Continue reading Christmas Books

Knitting Prayers

My grandmother kept prayers in her knitting basket. To me, it seemed an odd place to keep them. Prayers are meant to be kept in a Bible on the parlor shelf, or stuffed away in a church, gathering dust with the rest of the relics. At the very least, they’re supposed to be kept somewhere … Continue reading Knitting Prayers

The Reality Of Being an Author

This morning, I woke up to find that my bank account was maxed out. Overdrawn, actually. Not the best news to find out on a Monday morning, especially when every penny I’ve made in the last several months has gone toward absolute essentials. Bills. Groceries. That’s about it. This is humiliating for me to admit, … Continue reading The Reality Of Being an Author

Ranger’s Apprentice

Do you want to know the strangest thing? I have the hardest time reviewing my most absolute favorite books. Is that weird? They should be the ones I rave about right? The ones I yell about in the mall and the library and shove in people’s mailboxes so that they’ll read them. Right? But, with … Continue reading Ranger’s Apprentice

For The Writer Who Needs Fresh Perspective

Have you ever sat down to write, managed a sentence, or a page, or a blog post, and then thought, this sounds familiar? And then realized it is familiar, because it’s the same idea you had three weeks ago? I have. And I am absolutely certain that I cannot be the only one who does … Continue reading For The Writer Who Needs Fresh Perspective

Where Peace Abounds

He throws me out after the fifth beer. My mother will follow me in an hour or so. She offends him less, I think, because she doesn’t answer back when he swears at her. She’s everything I’m not and wish I could have been. Soft and gentle, kinder than one of God’s angels, with mouse-brown … Continue reading Where Peace Abounds