Checking In With My Bookshelves

Last night, I dreamed that my house was on fire, and I had to evacuate. It was very stressful. Because I am me and this was a dream, I grabbed my computer first, so that I had all of my books, then headed for my bookshelf and tried to decide which ones I was going … Continue reading Checking In With My Bookshelves

Coffee Dates: Music

Good Morning, Creatives! Anyone else make it all the way to Friday this week? I feel like I crawled in like a man out of the desert. If you see an oasis anywhere nearby, I’d love directions. I’m kidding. But it does feel like that sometimes, doesn’t it? This week’s question is about music, because … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Music

A Writer’s Life: Perfectionism

Have you ever fixed—and deleted—the same sentence a twenty different times and still felt like you just . . . didn’t get it? Me too. It happens to me all the time. So does staring at one word for so long that it ceases to look like a real word and becomes an abomination against … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Perfectionism

Bullet Journaling

This week has been crazy. Between job interviews, work, implementing information and ideas from the conference I went to last weekend, Easter, sending a foster child to his forever family, and writing, I feel like I got a little swamped this week. In a good way. You can get swamped in a good way, right? … Continue reading Bullet Journaling

Coffee Dates: Pantser or Plotter

Good Morning, Creatives! Friday is finally upon us! How was your week? Any new ideas pop up, or old projects wrapped up and tied with a neat bow? Friday is the perfect time to wrap things up, or to birth a new idea when you have all weekend to indulge in a little daydreaming or … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Pantser or Plotter

A Writer’s Life: Details

A writer’s life is in the details. Have you ever noticed this? Of course, our stories are about grand adventures, life-changing events, and worlds and people that only belong in our minds. But where the story really catches a reader—where it connects, where it makes them pause and linger because in that sentence they were … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Details

A Gathering Of Souls

I went to a writing conference this weekend. The Young Women’s Writing Workshop, if we’re going to be technical about it. I’m just going to call it a gathering of souls. It was the best thing I’ve done for my writing and my soul all year. I think. I’ve done a lot of things for … Continue reading A Gathering Of Souls

Coffee Dates: Process

Good Morning, Creatives! It’s Friday, my friends! The week is over, a weekend of rest is (hopefully) ahead of us, and for some, maybe a little extra time to write! This week I have been thinking a lot about the process behind a writer’s routine and how different it can be for each and every … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Process

A Writer’s Life: Routines

Writing is hard. And not just because I’m typing this with one hand because I’m cuddling a child in the other. I’m actually remarkably good at typing with one hand. I’m versatile like that. No, writing is hard for a whole different set of reasons. Time constraints, previous commitments, and life tend to get in … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Routines

The Real Mistress Of The House

I locked my cat outside last night. Not on purpose, I promise. But it did happen. And she did spend the whole night outside. Let me explain. My cat is a diva. She is the queen of the world. I can’t bring another animal home because it would deeply offend her. I’ve brought orphaned kittens … Continue reading The Real Mistress Of The House