Coffee Dates: Night Owl or Early Bird

Good Morning, Creatives! Can we just have a round of applause for those of us who made it through this week? Like, seriously, congratulations! It’s the weekend! We get to rest and write and read books! Hopefully. Sometimes weekends get booked solid and life gets in the way. But we do our best. That’s one … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Night Owl or Early Bird

A Writer’s Life: Rejection

I’m going to confess something. My portfolio of rejection letters is still in the double digits. Under twenty, I think. Maybe even under fifteen. Probably under fifteen. Small potatoes, right? Of course, that’s not including the number of queries I’ve had go out that were simply . . . ignored. I actually had a mini … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Rejection

Living Courageously

I have a confession to make. I have been keeping secrets from y’all. Big secrets. Secret secrets. Some of them are so big and so secret that I can’t even tell you about them yet. (I promise I will soon.) But I can tell you the first one today. About a month ago, I got … Continue reading Living Courageously

Coffee Dates: Favorites

Good Morning, Creatives! How was the week? Anyone make it all the way through? I hope so, because I have such a fun question for you all this week, and it would be a shame to waste it on empty space because all of my friends got flattened by adult responsibilities. So, here’s to hoping … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Favorites

A Writer’s Life: Discouragement

I’ve been writing for seven years. During that time, I’ve hit many, many low spots. The worst were moments of discouragement. I’m never going to make it. I’ve wasted my time. This book is never going to be published. Thoughts like these hit and hit hard when writers are burned out. It’s as if they … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Discouragement

Springtime and a New Baby

Does anyone remember Baby Groot? He’s a year old now. A whole year. I can hardly believe it. They grow up so fast. We haven’t had a birthday celebration for him yet, mostly because I am waiting for his new leaves to come out, but in the meantime, something exciting has happened! We had a … Continue reading Springtime and a New Baby

Coffee Dates: Frustrations

Good Morning, Creatives! Tomorrow’s the weekend! Anyone have any plans? Writing, adventuring, or just sleeping? (I’m mostly planning on sleeping, if at all possible.) Since I need sleep (and I always do) this week’s question is about frustration. Which part of your writing journey frustrates you the most? What gets you really heated and annoyed … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Frustrations

A Writer’s Life: Joy

Writer, what makes you joyful? Like, singing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs joyful? So joyful that you just want to put on some crazy music and dance in your kitchen? Do you know? I actually had to think pretty hard to figure out what it was that made me that joyful. Spending quality time with people I love, flowers, music, … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Joy

Fighting Goliath

On Saturday, my writing group came to my house. Coming to my house is an adventure in itself. I’ve mentioned frequently that I live in the middle of nowhere, right? So, sometimes even Google Maps has a hard time leading people up my driveway. Two of my imagination buddies got lost. Then they called me. … Continue reading Fighting Goliath

Coffee Dates: Genre

Good Morning, Creatives! Who else needs coffee today? I do. I need a caffeine drip into my veins just to keep me going. Too much coffee (or black tea) knocks out my creativity, but so does falling asleep at my desk. There’s a balance to this, right? There’s got to be a balance. Balance (in … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Genre