Coffee Dates: Writing Alone

Good Morning, Creatives! Sometimes I feel like I need a support group for introverts. Like, we can sit in a very small circle with only a few people who really understand us and say, “Hi, my name’s Abigail. Today an extrovert tried to sit down in my bubble and make small talk and I chose … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Writing Alone

9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: The Journey

Good morning, Wordsmith! Guess what? Today, right now, this very moment, marks the beginning of my nine-week series, 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul. *Drums boom, a chicken squawks, somewhere in the distance a goat is bleating* Are you excited? Because I totally, totally am! Today’s post is all about the journey. As a writer, … Continue reading 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: The Journey

Headed For Home

I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’m writing this while we drive. I think we’re in Alabama right now. Somewhere near Birmingham, I think, although I am directionally challenged and it’s very possible that I’m wrong. Guys. Alabama is hot. Like, ridiculously hot. Like, if it wasn’t so beautiful I would never come here … Continue reading Headed For Home

Coffee Dates: Overwriter

Good Morning, Creatives! Can I confess something to you guys? Like, heart-to-heart? Good. Because I’m going to anyway. I am a chronic overwriter. Are you shocked? You should be. It’s true. I have a serious problem. My poor, poor editor is constantly having to cut things back and tell me to rein it in a … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Overwriter

A Writer’s Life: Expectation

What keeps a writer going? That’s an interesting question. On the surface, it’s easy to rattle off a long list. Love of the story, dedication to their craft, or—as we talked about last week—determination. But I’m inclined to think that at the base of it all, whether we admit it or not, the driving force … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Expectation

Road Trip

Guys. I’m probably lost. Like, lost lost. Somewhere in-between Virginia and Florida. I think the GPS knows where we are, but I lost track way back in Missouri. This has been a TRIP. And it’s not even halfway over yet. As far as I can recall (because I blacked out a few times and slept … Continue reading Road Trip

Coffee Dates: Houses

Good Morning, Creatives! Okay, all ya’ll are about to laugh at me. And not because I said all ya’ll. I’m allowed to say that because technically I was born in Texas and thus have the right to say ya’ll. And there are more than five of you, so it’s definitely all ya’ll. I know these … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Houses

A Writer’s Life: Determination

If you were to ask me what quality has gotten me through eight manuscripts, a thousand edits, and seven years of ups and downs, I would immediately tell you one thing. Pure, cussed stubbornness. Or, if you want to be elegant about it: determination. In my case, they’re pretty close to the same thing. Determination … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Determination

Tying Up Loose Ends

I am leaving tomorrow on a super special, very exciting trip. One last hurrah, you might say, before my job begins and I have to settle into a desk and learn a new routine. Since I love routines, I am very excited. But the fact remains that tomorrow morning, somewhere between Very Dark and Sleep … Continue reading Tying Up Loose Ends

Coffee Dates: Myers Briggs

Good Morning, Creatives! Does anyone else need caffeine this morning? I do. Maybe not a straight cup of coffee or espresso, but I would not say no to a few cups of black tea with a little cream and honey. Just to get my brain moving in the right direction. But! The weekend is near, … Continue reading Coffee Dates: Myers Briggs