Birthday Adventures

I have a surprise for you all. Today is my birthday! Woohooo! Balloons and party hats and kazoos and cake! Not really. Actually, I have to go to work today, and my birthday weekend is already over. But I am a quarter-of-a-century-old today, and I felt the need to announce it. So. There you are. … Continue reading Birthday Adventures

9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Plot Holes

Okay, have any of you seen the Disney film, Moana? Excellent, excellent movie. My god sister got me hooked on the music, which I totally did not intend to like and ended up loving. Anyway, there is a scene in Moana where Moana is on the boat sailing out to sea, and she realizes her … Continue reading 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Plot Holes

Weekend Adventurers

My best friend in the whole entire world is finally home. She was gone for a long time. I missed her. But now that she’s finally home and back in our beautiful tiny cabin, it has created a rather conflicting dilemma for me. A ‘I really want to hang out with you but I work … Continue reading Weekend Adventurers

9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Vision to Page

I love the idea of being an artist. Seriously. It’s one of my dreams. I would love to be able to sketch my characters, draw scenes from my world, and put at least part of my vision for my stories onto a page where I can see it. Unfortunately . . . my drawing skills … Continue reading 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Vision to Page


My sister is finally, finally home, after traveling about like a crazy adventure woman for six months. I am so happy she’s here. Don’t get me wrong, living alone is lovely. The house is quiet, I have my own space, and—and that’s the only plus sides I can come up with right now. Now that … Continue reading Surprise!

9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: First Draft

When I was eighteen, I was not the most competent person in the world. Actually, I was pretty clumsy. Which was fine, except that I had a younger brother who was good at everything. And I do mean everything. He could pick up magic tricks after two or three tries, could do a backflip on … Continue reading 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: First Draft

Finding Normal

My new morning commute is forty-five minutes. One way. Does that sound a little crazy to anyone? That means every week I am driving about 7.5 hours back and forth to work . . . not including the time spent on the road if I happen to need a trip to town on a weekend. … Continue reading Finding Normal

9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Learning

Does anyone else wish that there was a manual for being an adult? Like, flip to page 87 for a step-by-step, flawless instructions on how to pay taxes. Page 62 details exactly how to cultivate a healthy relationship and how to extract yourself from a toxic one. Chapter 12. Finances. Here’s how you balance a … Continue reading 9 Truths For A Writer’s Soul: Learning

On Your Mark . . . Get Set . . .

Panic! No, not really. Nobody panic. Especially not me. Although I do happen to feel a little panicky right at this moment. Know why? Today is July 1st, and also the first day of my new job, working as a writing assistant for Focus on the Family. Are you shocked? I was. Also very, very … Continue reading On Your Mark . . . Get Set . . .