What Day Is It?

Does anyone else get a little discombobulated during the holidays? I do. My routine gets dropped, I go on vacation, eat too much food, forget to write, and by the time everything is finished I can’t remember what day it is or what I usually do with myself on a normal workday. Thankfully, this only … Continue reading What Day Is It?

Christmas Parties

I am not generally a ‘party’ kind of person. Honestly, if you know anything about me, you know this. I spent my childhood hiding from parties. In my room, in the woods, in books, and in stories out of my own head. Once, I hid in a rabbit hutch. Someone found me. I’m still bitter … Continue reading Christmas Parties

Christmas Is Coming!

I love December. Christmas lights, music, snow, parties and presents and people we love. Yep, it’s my favorite. I already bought all my Christmas presents, if you can believe that. And wrapped them. Chocolate wine was involved. And Christmas movies. It was a good day. But now that November is past and Thanksgiving is behind … Continue reading Christmas Is Coming!

Interview With An Artist

Eeek! Guess what? I got to interview the beautiful woman who did the illustrations for my books: Of Mice and Fairies and Of Bullfrogs and Snapdragons. I could talk about her forever, but she talked a lot about herself, so I’ll let you hear it from her.  What’s it like working for an author? (Specifically … Continue reading Interview With An Artist