“Then the cold nights crept in…”

“… and all the colors of fall faded with the frost.” Time to admit the truth. Fall is fading fast, and winter is just about here. I can tell because I’m freezing 90% of the time instead of just 50%. I’m usually cold. My husband will tell you that. But in the winter, I’m almost … Continue reading “Then the cold nights crept in…”

Finding Rhythm

Guys. I think my life is settling into something that semi-resembles . . . normality. How do I deal with this? What do I do? Nothing has been normal for the last . . . let me think . . . three months? Give or take? Man, planning a wedding will take it out of … Continue reading Finding Rhythm

A Phoenix

I got interviewed for a podcast for my job last month. It was very exciting. I’ve been working as an apprentice scriptwriter for sixteen months now, and they figured it was probably time to ask me some questions. You know, get the scoop about what it’s really like to be a writer for an international … Continue reading A Phoenix

I’m Back!

This is Wyoming?! I’m back! I think. The world is still spinning like crazy, so I’m not entirely sure. When the ground stops moving under me, and I get my feet again, I’ll let you know. Until then, guess what? I’m married! These last three months have been some of the craziest I can remember, … Continue reading I’m Back!