Spring and Homesteading

Now that I’m freelancing, my schedule is a lot more flexible than it was. Sure, I’m still working full time. But how—and when—that work happens is up to me. Which allows for some wiggle room and a bit of discovery. Discovery is one of my goals for this next season. Discovering more about myself, discovering … Continue reading Spring and Homesteading


I’ve officially been working from home for a year now. Since I am now a freelancer, working from home should be a pretty permanent thing now. (Fingers crossed.) And, since I’m no longer logging hours or focusing solely on one project, my schedule has changed significantly in the last few weeks. Which means that my … Continue reading Rituals

Off to the Zoo

It’s spring now, right? We’re gonna say it’s spring. Colorado will object and probably send a huge snowstorm just to spite me, but it’s warm today and I want to believe in miracles. That’s why all my windows are open. Since it is most definitely spring, I took some time out of the whirlwind of … Continue reading Off to the Zoo

Learning to Swim

I haven’t posted in two months. Is that crazy or what? This may be the longest break I’ve taken since I started this blog. Okay, it’s probably not the longest. It feels like the longest, though. I have a good reason for keeping my head down as long as I have. Things have been happening. … Continue reading Learning to Swim