Autumn Winds

August is allergy season. At least, it is in Colorado. We have ragweed, see, and in August, all of its awful, horrible pollen is released into the wind, and I have to retreat into my house with my air purifier and take allergy meds on a schedule and freeze rags for my puffy eyes and … Continue reading Autumn Winds

Birthday Adventures

My birthday was the end of last month. I turned 27. I feel very grown up now. Almost like a real adult. Until I hang out with really real adults, who use budgets and understand the stock market and eat kale. I almost never eat kale. Not unless I have to. Bok choy, maybe. But … Continue reading Birthday Adventures


Can we just be honest? May was a bit of a blur. I remember about half of it. The rest feels like something between a dream and a hallucination. Since I had a fever for at least part of the month, it’s possible a good section of what I remember was actually a hallucination. When … Continue reading Pennsylvania


Airports are weird. I’ve spent my fair share of time in airports over the years. Probably about as much time as I want to, actually. Airports in Scotland, China, Cambodia, Spain . . . you get the idea. No matter what country you’re visiting, airports are just weird. For example. I flew down to Missouri … Continue reading Airports