Welcoming Phoenix

This month, my husband and I celebrated our one year anniversary with a road trip.We both love road trips. Yes, flying is easier, but when you miss all that beautiful country along the way? Totally not worth it. Especially when you’re traveling in Colorado. We drove down to Mesa Verde for the weekend, and the … Continue reading Welcoming Phoenix

Autumn Books

Every year, I get way too excited about fall. Annoyingly excited, actually. I’m one of those people who plans out my autumn before it starts, just so I can be sure to get everything I want to done before winter blows in. This is the first year I’ve actually written down my list, but I … Continue reading Autumn Books

Woodpiles and Coziness

Is anyone else terrified of the idea of winter this year? I am. Just a little bit. I am the kind of person who is cold. All the time. I sleep under a heavy blanket in the middle of summer, and my wonderful, loving husband is constantly shocked by my ability to have cold hands … Continue reading Woodpiles and Coziness

Building a Business

Did I tell you all that I’m officially a business owner? I’m a business owner. What a weird thing to say. I am, after all, all of about five years old, and definitely don’t know the first thing about business or management or what might go into a sales report. And yet, I have my … Continue reading Building a Business