I’m Reading Again!

My current read, which, may I add, has a fabulous title. To be honest, pregnancy kicked my reading habits in the teeth, y’all. Like, hard. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to pick up a book and read it through to the end. But! Now I’m nursing. And when you’re nursing and hanging … Continue reading I’m Reading Again!

Winter in the Tiny House

Folks, this is tiny house living at its very realest. The snow is too deep outside to use our clothes line, and probably won’t melt for a good long while. Cute, huh? Living like this stressed me out until one of my lovely writer friends suggested I romanticize it a bit. So now I live … Continue reading Winter in the Tiny House

I’m Alive!

Guess what!? I’m alive. I know, miraculous, right? I can’t believe it’s been six months since I’ve written for this blog. I think that might have been the last time my brain worked properly. When was that? July. Yes, July. That was the month I lost my mind. I remember now. In case you didn’t … Continue reading I’m Alive!