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“So settle in, my dearest, and listen ever, ever so closely. Wrap your blanket around your shoulders snug as snug can be, tuck your nose into your pillow, and hear the story of Belinda Munkindot.”

My newest book, Of Mice and Fairies, is available now on Amazon! Illustrated by my lovely sister, E. Noel, these stories are short, vivid glimpses into the kind of fairytales that belong on every child’s bookshelves.

The stories are a combination of Beatrix Potter and Peter Pan, rich with gorgeous detail and the simple adventures of Belinda Munkindot, Lumpkin Digwillow, and Wignilian Finch. Conversations with a star, treasure hunts, and the dangers of trolls are all important events in the life of a fairy, and, as everyone knows, little fairies love to share their adventures with the world. May you enjoy them as much as I have!



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“The trouble with snapdragons—the dragon, not the flower—is that once they are established in an area, they are simply impossible to be rid of. They are stubborn to a fault, and bond with an area as soon as they are old enough to fly. Once they have chosen a valley or hollow as their home, they seldom ever leave…”

This fairytale is an adventure in miniature as Lumpkin, Belinda, and a whole cast of new characters learn to cope with a new neighbor and discover just how destructive a dragon can be—even a tiny one! Pick up your copy of Of Bullfrogs and Snapdragons on Amazon.


Book, The Birdwoman by A.R. Geiger and leaves
The Birdwoman by A.R. Geiger

Her words fill the hollow silence of the kitchen with the roar of desert winds and the shouting of bandits. Instead of the rain outside, I hear the call of jackals after dusk and feel hot, blowing sand whipping against my face . . .

My book, The Birdwoman, is available on Amazon! This collection of short stories has been described as “raw, reflective, and powerful,” (The Edifying Word), and will captivate you with short, intense glimpses of an abandoned city, a collapsing coal mine, a haunted house with a resident no one sees, and an asylum with a restless patient.

The Birdwoman is a collection of stories straight from my heart, and I hope they captivate you the way they have me!