Keeping Pace

Reading has been hard lately. Isn’t it weird how that happens sometimes? Life gets busy, people need your attention, work takes up more time than you expect, and BAM! You’ve read two books for the whole month. Ouch. I actually don’t remember how many books I read in May. I’d have to check. Hopefully, it … Continue reading Keeping Pace

Reading on a Budget

Books are expensive. Let’s just all admit that right now. Books are a good way to go broke as quickly as possible, especially if you are like me and love the beautiful, hardback special editions of your favorite novels. Someday, I will have bookshelves worth millions. And I will still be broke. Seriously, though, how … Continue reading Reading on a Budget

Four Reasons You Definitely Need A Bookshelf In Your Home

I live in a tiny house. I have one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom, and two bookshelves. I also have two cupboards filled with books that I couldn’t fit on my shelves. So, to convince myself (and you) that I am not a hoarder and do not require an intervention, I’ve come up with four … Continue reading Four Reasons You Definitely Need A Bookshelf In Your Home

When You Don’t Have Time

“No one reads anymore.” Do you know how many times I have heard that? Articles, people ranting on social media. Everywhere you look someone else is making the claim that no one reads anymore. But I do. I’ve read nearly forty books this year, everything from classic literature to mythology to YA and children’s books. … Continue reading When You Don’t Have Time