“…All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall”

Don’t you just love that quote by Oscar Wilde? It never fails to make me feel cozy. Seriously though, this year fall seemed to come in with October, and we have had a nip in the air and yellow leaves ever since. I love fall with all of my cozy heart, and my sister and … Continue reading “…All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall”

Baby Groot’s Growth Spurt

So much is happening just now that I’m not even sure what to write about today. My brother is married. We celebrated last night. I’m apparently learning how to write songs. My job is unpredictable. It’s cold this morning. I need a jacket. My book is in the final stages of preparation. It will be … Continue reading Baby Groot’s Growth Spurt

New BOOK Coming Soon!

“In the fall of the year, when the leaves were blushing red in the sunshine and the trees were yawning and stretching and shaking loose from the apples and acorns and chestnuts they had been carrying all summer, I left my cottage and walked the seven miles to Witherly, a little village on the edge … Continue reading New BOOK Coming Soon!

Life Is A Journey

Having a life outside of work is really, really hard when work is your life. I am discovering this. My whole aim in the last seven years has been to get my writing off the ground. I applied only for jobs that would give me time to write, avoided dating relationships because they took up … Continue reading Life Is A Journey