What Next Step??

I wrote a post recently about doing the next right thing. Since that’s my version of a New Year’s Resolution, I’ve been thinking about it quite a lot. I also went to go see Frozen 2 over the weekend with my younger sisters. In case you were wondering, it was fabulous. I loved it. But … Continue reading What Next Step??

A Writer’s Life: Waiting

No one likes to wait. Whether we’re in the movie theater, in line at the bank, or refreshing your email browser, no one enjoys that feeling. Some of us ease the wait by playing on our phones, bringing a book along, or daydreaming, but the result is the same. Time wasted. Stuck in a place we’d … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Waiting

A Writer’s Life: Discouragement

I’ve been writing for seven years. During that time, I’ve hit many, many low spots. The worst were moments of discouragement. I’m never going to make it. I’ve wasted my time. This book is never going to be published. Thoughts like these hit and hit hard when writers are burned out. It’s as if they … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Discouragement

A Writer’s Life: Doubt

Have you ever questioned whether you were a real writer or not? I have. I think every true writer has at one time or another. Poor reviews, harsh critiques, and even harsher rejections take their toll, but beyond these, I think there is an innate whisper is every writer’s mind that suggests—just suggests mind—that we … Continue reading A Writer’s Life: Doubt

A Gathering Of Souls

I went to a writing conference this weekend. The Young Women’s Writing Workshop, if we’re going to be technical about it. I’m just going to call it a gathering of souls. It was the best thing I’ve done for my writing and my soul all year. I think. I’ve done a lot of things for … Continue reading A Gathering Of Souls

For The Writer Who Needs A Break

Vacations are wonderful things. Can we all just agree on this one fact? Everyone loves a good vacation. But not everyone has the time—or the money—to take that week off, or buy that plane ticket. Been there? I have. Some months, rest is much easier to fantasize about than it is to actually accomplish. Writer, … Continue reading For The Writer Who Needs A Break

For The Writer Who Is Having Doubts

I have a question for you. If I was to meet you in a coffee shop, and we were to sit by the window to watch the rain or in the corner where it’s private and cozy, and I was to ask you to tell me about yourself, what would you say? Would you start … Continue reading For The Writer Who Is Having Doubts

When Hope Is Painful

I ended up in Target this week. I didn’t actually set out to go to Target. Nor, in fact, did I have anything I intended to buy. But it was early and I was in town and waiting for someone and nothing else was open. So I ended up in Target, reminding myself on repeat … Continue reading When Hope Is Painful

For The Writer Who Needs A Jump-Start

Getting started is hard. Whether we’re seasoned writers beginning a new project or new writers taking the plunge and learning to stretch our wings, getting started is an intimidating prospect. A whole, enormous story with complex themes, characters, and settings, all waiting to be inscribed on paper by you—the author. Without your brilliant ideas, your … Continue reading For The Writer Who Needs A Jump-Start

The Writer’s Guide To Mental Health

"Writers, this cannot be right. Our mind is capable of so much—spinning tales that can make people cry or laugh, creating characters that become best friends to the people who read our stories, and building entire worlds with complex civilizations and landscapes far beyond anything in the natural world. The potential is unlimited. So why, … Continue reading The Writer’s Guide To Mental Health