I Mailed A Letter Today

I Mailed A Letter Today I mailed a letter today, I wrote it just for you. The words were traced with gray-green ink, It’s still my favorite hue. I pasted in a poem, The kind I knew you’d save. Full of loss and hope and bitter tears, And the love he wished he gave. I … Continue reading I Mailed A Letter Today

Perfectly Imperfect

I’m perfectly imperfect,And by that I mean to say,I’ve got a lovely golden star,For my awesome, faulty day.I gave myself a dozen points,And a silver crescent moon.For eating all my breakfast,And cleaning up my room.My dishes aren’t clean today,But I don’t feel so bad.My laundry’s in the washer,So I guess I’m pretty rad.I even called … Continue reading Perfectly Imperfect

A Thousand Things

I want to be a thousand things,With a hundred thousand skills.I want to paint and write and draw,And do the things that give me chills. I want to be an artist,Better than the best.I want to sketch and speak and write,And never, ever rest. I want to be a teacher,And pass on what I’ve learned.I … Continue reading A Thousand Things

A Dozen Little Failures

I have a dozen failures,Every one of them is mine.Like a dozen little ducklings,Spread out in a line.They follow me throughout my life,They never miss a beat.A dozen little failures,Gathered all around my feet.Didn’t wash the dog today,Forgot to feed the fish,Called my mom an hour late,And broke another dish.I have a dozen failures,They always … Continue reading A Dozen Little Failures

Words that Soothe

Last week, I went to a job interview. A very stressful job interview. A couple of things made it stressful. First of all, the interview was for a position that I’m very excited about. If it works out, it would mean a lot to me as a writer. Second, it was a Skype interview. Third, … Continue reading Words that Soothe


Please. Please, you say, your hands folded in prayer. A daughter, a child, with knots in your hair. Whatever I’ll give, whatever I have, It’s never enough. Never enough.   I’m rich, you said, Or rich to you, I eat at night and sleep in a bed, There are coins in my purse, I’m always … Continue reading Beggar

Children of Cambodia

Now a boy, a man too soon, You barely had the chance. A child grown, a boyhood lost, Games soon left behind. They’ll never know, they’ve never asked, How far your light might shine. A helping hand, a winning smile, You’ve given both to me. Now a boy, a man too soon, Your future isn’t … Continue reading Children of Cambodia