Learning to Inhale

I spent this weekend working on my woodpile. Chopping wood, gathering it from the forest behind my house. It was therapeutic. There is nothing better than a day spent wandering in the woods, collecting dead fall and chopping it up for one’s wood stove. In other news, fall is here! And it has gotten cold. … Continue reading Learning to Inhale

Miss Honey

Today’s post is not a book review. Well . . . it is, but it’s not. If you take my meaning. You see, I’ve already written a review about Matilda, by Roald Dahl. Quite a long time ago, in fact. And it would be very odd to review the same book twice on the same … Continue reading Miss Honey

The Witches

A few months ago, my little sister came to me and insisted that I read The Witches. It was, she informed me, the creepiest book she had ever read in her entire life, and I need to read it as soon as humanly possible. Given that she is twelve, a great reader, and a remarkably … Continue reading The Witches