“…All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall”

Don’t you just love that quote by Oscar Wilde? It never fails to make me feel cozy. Seriously though, this year fall seemed to come in with October, and we have had a nip in the air and yellow leaves ever since. I love fall with all of my cozy heart, and my sister and … Continue reading “…All At Once, Summer Collapsed Into Fall”

Headed For Home

I’m going to be honest with y’all. I’m writing this while we drive. I think we’re in Alabama right now. Somewhere near Birmingham, I think, although I am directionally challenged and it’s very possible that I’m wrong. Guys. Alabama is hot. Like, ridiculously hot. Like, if it wasn’t so beautiful I would never come here … Continue reading Headed For Home

Road Trip

Guys. I’m probably lost. Like, lost lost. Somewhere in-between Virginia and Florida. I think the GPS knows where we are, but I lost track way back in Missouri. This has been a TRIP. And it’s not even halfway over yet. As far as I can recall (because I blacked out a few times and slept … Continue reading Road Trip

Realm Makers 2018

I am in Missouri. Missouri is hot. Especially in July. I knew it was going to be hot. I was prepared for it being very, very hot. I packed clothes for hot weather, made sure the air conditioning in my car was working and braced myself for a haze of bugs and muggy heat. I … Continue reading Realm Makers 2018

Riding Solo

Wednesday morning, I woke up at 4:30 A.M. On purpose. Who does that? I mean, the stars are still out, for heaven’s sake. My cat was judging me. I think she wanted me to climb back into bed with her and go back to sleep for a few hours. Or pet her. She doesn’t really … Continue reading Riding Solo

I’m Back!

Last month, my entire family piled into our twelve passenger van at 4 AM, pointed the wheels east, and started out on a two-week adventure. We drove through Kansas, saw lots of rolling hills, dry plains, and squished rabbits, and stopped at gas stations in the middle of nowhere with names no one will ever … Continue reading I’m Back!