The Birdwoman

Her words fill the hollow silence of the kitchen with the roar of desert winds and the shouting of bandits. Instead of the rain outside, I hear the call of jackals after dusk and feel hot, blowing sand whipping against my face . . .

Book, The Birdwoman by A.R. Geiger and leaves

The Birdwoman by A.R. Geiger

My book, The Birdwoman, is available on Amazon! This collection of short stories has been described as “raw, reflective, and powerful,” (The Edifying Word), and will captivate you with short, intense glimpses of an abandoned city, a collapsing coal mine, a haunted house with a resident no one sees, and an asylum with a restless patient.

The Birdwoman is a collection of stories straight from my heart, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!