The Tale of Despereaux

I have mice in my house. I suppose it’s inevitable. As beautiful as my house is, it is still right smack-dab in the middle of the woods. I am the only motel for many mice miles around. (Are mice miles a thing? Like, 5280 little mice steps? I feel like scientists should look into this.) … Continue reading The Tale of Despereaux


They came from the south, it was said. Pilgrims from far off lands, from the edge of the sea to the valleys of the great deserts. Men saw them on the roads, children drew them water from the wells, and women gave them bread at their doors. They came with their heads covered and their … Continue reading Cairns

Charlotte’s Web

I live on a farm. Have I ever mentioned that before? I do. We have a milk cow, a bull, a rabbit, too many chickens, and ducks. I love ducks. They quack. And waddle. Hehe. I love everything about living on a farm. Baby animals, fresh milk and eggs, strawberries from our garden. I grew … Continue reading Charlotte’s Web

Counting Pebbles

Long ago, between the forests of India and the waves and tides of the great ocean, there lived an honored Maharaja of splendid wealth and wisdom. Men and lords of men came to him from every corner of the world to ask for his advice, for his blessing, and for his gold. His advice he … Continue reading Counting Pebbles

Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Children’s books hold a special place in my heart. I love the fantastical stories they come up with, the whimsical, ridiculous ideas they present as ordinary, everyday facts. Ideas that would make an adult scoff and say, That would never happen, but would make a child sigh and say, I wish I had a penguin … Continue reading Mr. Popper’s Penguins

Once Upon a Time

The air raid sirens go off at midnight. I help the matron hurry the children out of their beds and out to the shelter, hushing the few that have already begun to cry. Many of them know where to go, what to do. We’ve practiced this enough times, and this is not our first night … Continue reading Once Upon a Time