The second book in a series always makes me nervous. Especially if the first book is one of my favorites. The second book in a series is chancy. If the series as a whole is going to fail, the second book will be where it happens. Sometimes I just prefer to enjoy the first book, … Continue reading Inkspell

My Kingdom

“A plague on them,” he mutters through clenched teeth. “A thrice-cursed plague.” I stand in the corner, half hidden by curtains, and say nothing, like a good slave. I’d like to tell him that he’s already brought down a plague on his people, that it's his fault they are dying in the streets, but I … Continue reading My Kingdom

Memoirs of a Hopeless Book Hoarder

When I was fourteen, I got my first library card. All the sudden, I could borrow as many books as I wanted. I could go to the bookmobile every week and pick out a new book, or ten new books. I could reserve books online with my own card. Technically, my mother would have let … Continue reading Memoirs of a Hopeless Book Hoarder

Long Way Home

They get on when the train stops for the third time. I see their red caps, their uniforms through the crowd, and I curse myself for riding as long as I did. I know how dangerous trains are, but it’s a long, long walk home through the rain. I thought I’d get lucky. I have … Continue reading Long Way Home


I adore fairies in fiction. They are some of my favorite things to find inside the covers of a book. Whether they are mossy, grumpy gnomes, malignant pixies, or fluttering sprites, I love them all. And, precisely because I love reading about them so much, I very rarely find a book that I feel does … Continue reading Fablehaven

Until the Sun Rises

They fall asleep as soon as the fire is lit. Firelight flickers on the walls of the cave, on the dirt floor and their weary faces. We don’t dare take roads through this country, and walking through fields and bogs is hard with their short legs and tired feet. Tramps aren’t a welcome sight this … Continue reading Until the Sun Rises

Les Miserables

I will admit, this is an intimidating post to write. Not only because Les Miserables is such an incredible, life-changing book, but because Victor Hugo happens to be one of my favorite authors. His mastery of prose, of story, and of character blew me away when I first read this book. Also, he was the … Continue reading Les Miserables

Leave Me Weeping

The taxi is already loaded, everything I own, everything I want to take with me already in the trunk. The meter is running, but I ask the man to wait and go down to the creek. The sky is gray this morning, but the rain has finally stopped. Ice clings to everything. I slip three … Continue reading Leave Me Weeping

I Live With A Cat

I live with a cat. Her name is Mrs. Hudson. She is not my housekeeper. I might be hers, though. Housekeeper, servant, devoted slave. Something. Mrs. Hudson came into my life about a year and a half ago. I found her in a small cage in the humane society. Okay, my mum found her. I … Continue reading I Live With A Cat


She brings me with her when she goes out. Children bring in more money, she says. Children without shoes, without good clothes, with hunger in their faces and pinched cheeks. Everyone will stop for a hungry child. So I go with her. We sit on the curb together, watching the rain fall, huddled together to … Continue reading Portraits