A Mother’s New Day



The children are up,

They’re awake, they’re alive!

Our morning’s begun,

One giant beehive.


Breakfast has started,

With two kids in the glue,

Put that away,

That isn’t for you!


A sock on the stove,

One kiss on the nose,

Two children are crying,

One’s eating his toes.


Put that away!

Don’t chew on your shoe!

We don’t stand on his head,

No, that isn’t for you.


Stuffed cow in the kitchen,

The fridge colored in red.

Who let you have paint?

Is that milk in my bed?


I don’t want to yell,

I don’t want to scream.

You’re cute as a button,

You’re Mommy’s big dream!


One day you’ll get it,

One day you’ll learn.

There’ll be bridges to cross,

And wages to earn.


I don’t think I’ll like it,

I don’t want you to grow.

I just want milk in the fridge,

And that stuffed cow to go.

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