I’m Back!

Last month, my entire family piled into our twelve passenger van at 4 AM, pointed the wheels east, and started out on a two-week adventure. We drove through Kansas, saw lots of rolling hills, dry plains, and squished rabbits, and stopped at gas stations in the middle of nowhere with names no one will ever remember.


I did not take any pictures.

You’re welcome.


By 4 PM, we had crossed into beautiful Missouri and stopped for the night at a friend’s house. We stayed for the evening and all the next day, wandering the woods, skipping rocks on the lake, and kicking the soccer ball around the yard.

I did take pictures.

You’re welcome.


Then, after too much food, too much fun, and not enough sleep, we kept driving. All the way through Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, and on into Virginia to meet up with my older sisters, lie on the beach, and sleep.

shoes and jeans
Hanging out with my wonderful editor!

I watched cooking shows for days.

It was wonderful.

I don’t even feel guilty.

We went fishing, played in the waves, collected seashells, ate fish (that we did not catch, because we are apparently not great fishermen), and saw so many dolphins that I am pretty sure I’m almost an expert now.

Unfortunately, I did not take pictures. Because I was in full vacation mode, and most of the time I was sleeping.

I’m sorry.



Only not really. Because I caught up on so much sleep that I can actually wake up in the morning now. Woohoo!






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