Of Mice and Fairies

Today, my new book, Of Mice and Fairies, is being released to the world.

It’s very exciting.

And intimidating.

But mostly exciting.

My gorgeous, wonderful, talented sister, E. Noel, illustrated Of Mice and Fairies for me. She’s an artist.

Like, a real one.

It’s super cool.

My mom always told us that we should publish a book together. When I was still writing stories in the notes section of my iPod touch and E. Noel was drawing dogs that were basically boxes with ears, my mother was sure that we were destined to work together. Like, we were written in the stars, kind of destined. Somewhere in the midst of my clumsy writing and my sister’s odd drawings, my mother saw greatness. We were going to publish something together, she was sure.

I laughed at her. And told her that it was never going to happen. I didn’t want to be a writer, and I would never publish a book with my sister.

Of Mice and Fairies is dedicated to her.

I have eaten my words.

As an added bonus, and because I love you all, the Kindle versions of both of my books—Of Mice and Fairies and The Birdwoman—are available on Amazon for FREE for the next few days! I truly hope you all enjoy this special piece of my heart!

One thought on “Of Mice and Fairies

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    FREE Kindle versions of two books, right here! A.R. Geiger is one of my friends and the writer of The Birdwoman and now her new short-stories collection Of Mice and Fairies. Of Mice and Fairies is illustrated by her sister, and is stunning. These girls are like my sisters, and I had the honor of doing a proof pass on both books. Check them out and enjoy!

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