Living Like A Writer

We are two weeks into January.

Almost two weeks.

What day is it again?

Basically, 2019 has been a whirlwind of activity, even in its first two weeks. I started coaching sessions, started the first draft of my sixth book, embraced this blog, sent out several resumes for freelance writing positions, and oddly enough, repainted and rearranged my mother’s pantry.

I also took a morning to chop wood.

Because I live in a tiny house. And the only way to heat this tiny house is with a wood stove.

And it is cold in Colorado.

The lovely part of gathering wood for my house has been the long walks through the woods, finding dead wood and fallen branches to chop up. I live on thirty-five acres of pastureland and pine woods, and out here, we don’t go to Walmart and buy wood.

Although Walmart does sell firewood. Which seems weird to me.

However, we also don’t chop down trees willy-nilly. Because trees take seven thousand years to grow in Colorado due to the lack of water. So instead, I’ve been collecting logs from neighbors who are clearing their land, dead branches and trees from our own property, and old lumber from a porch that we tore down a year or so ago.

My woodpile is a study in oddities.

The long walks to find all of this wood have given me, as a writer, so much time and space to think. They’re moments outside in the trees, with the blue sky and the deer tracks in the snow and the long, winding paths up through our property. I have loved every minute of it and found that, more than just giving me wood to heat my house, they have given me rest for my soul, inspiration for my writing time, and above all, a chance to pause and enjoy the beautiful place that I live in. I am a country girl heart and soul, and nothing feeds my spirit more than time in the trees.

And, if I can ensure that I don’t freeze in the middle of the night at the same time, it’s definitely a double bonus.

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  1. Kat says:

    I’m a country girl too! Used to be a serious city one, till 4 years ago. I live in 5 acres.
    Love the story

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    1. A.R. Geiger says:

      Glad you enjoyed it! Country living is the best. I couldn’t imagine anything else.

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      1. Kat says:

        The sense of community is what I no longer can live without! It’s so different from the city!

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      2. A.R. Geiger says:

        Isn’t it? I’ve never lived in the city, but I’ve spent a few weeks at a time visiting friends or relatives there. I could never get used to the fact that you aren’t supposed to make eye contact on the street or smile at everybody! Here, we drive down the road and wave at every car as you pass it. (Which is only about four or five per trip.) It’s almost rude not to. 😂


      3. Kat says:

        Precisely 🙌

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      4. Kat says:

        We had our water softener system finally installed today! Yay! Well water isn’t as exciting as the rest of the wonderful components of country living 🙂

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      5. A.R. Geiger says:

        Water is always, always exciting! 😂 Life without water is no fun.

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      6. Kat says:

        Hard water is …hard lol

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      7. A.R. Geiger says:

        Yeah, no fun. We have a well, and the rust that we have to deal with is a constant frustration, even with filters. But still better than drinking chlorine!

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      8. Kat says:

        YES! Exactly right

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      9. Kat says:

        When I shower (before installing the water softening system), I swear my poor hair gets so angry at me and starts screaming and shouting! It takes an hour to comb it ‘I mean calm’ it down! 😁

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      10. A.R. Geiger says:

        Yes! 😱 My sisters are always so frustrated by what our water does to their hair. The ones who are blonde swear it turns their hair slightly orange. I’m pretty sure they’re exaggerating though. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      11. Kat says:

        Oh it sooo does! My highlights look like penny wise’s hair

        Liked by 1 person

      12. A.R. Geiger says:

        😂 Does it really? That’s so strange!

        Liked by 1 person

      13. Kat says:

        Omg yes. It’s definitely, absolutely and most certainly….Orange

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      14. A.R. Geiger says:

        LOL. Well, you can get your hair dyed without paying for it, I guess? 😂 Hopefully the filter helps!

        Liked by 1 person

      15. Kat says:

        Pennywise might complain I’ve been copying his style of I keep it up
        I hope so too! It better or I’m shaving my head

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      16. A.R. Geiger says:

        😂 Nope, can’t have you shaving your head. It’s going to get better! Here’s to soft water and normal hair!

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      17. Kat says:

        Aw! cheers to no shaving heads! I’ll probably freeze to death anyway after one step outside haha

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      18. A.R. Geiger says:

        It’s real. Hair really helps keep your head warm! Where I am right now, we have about six inches of snow, so staying warm is very important!


      19. Kat says:

        I KNOW!
        You have six. I have about five

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      20. A.R. Geiger says:

        Oh boy. Yep, keep your hair, you’re going to need it before spring. LOL

        Liked by 1 person

      21. Kat says:

        Definitely keeping it 🤪

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      22. A.R. Geiger says:

        Good plan. 😂

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