Audiobooks and Blizzards

I love audiobooks.

So, so much.

Really, is there anything better than a good audiobook when you have a thousand mundane tasks to do and no time to read? I don’t think so. Having a story to coax me through the day is a tiny bit of heaven for a hard week, and I took full advantage of my library card and the amazing library app on my phone in the last few days.

It got me through some rough moments.

Seriously though, how cool is it that our library system has audiobooks that we can download AND a mobile app? I so appreciate this fact. Especially since we had a ridiculous storm on Wednesday that turned the horizon into a white blur, snowed until we had knee-deep (and waist-deep) drifts, and succeeded in clocking windspeeds in at 97 miles an hour at an airport near our house.

In other words, I was not able to get to a library. Not easily anyway.

Okay, not at all. I would still be lost if I’d tried.

Which means that a mobile app came in very handy!

Thus far, I am flying through Agatha Christie mysteries—which I like very much—and as many of the Redwall books as I can find—which I LOVE. The Redwall books were some of my favorites when I was younger. Since this seems to be a year of nostalgia—reading through the books that I loved and set aside years ago—I’ve been blazing through the audiobook versions of these brilliant books and loving every minute of it. Brian Jacques was one of my favorite authors when I was a kid, and the first author I was really interested in getting to meet. When he died in 2011, I was devastated. Sometimes, the only way to meet an author really is through the stories.

Since the audiobooks were read aloud by him and a select cast, I feel like they gave me a glimpse into the heart he had for his stories as an author, and that was precious, I can tell you.

So, this week, despite the storm and the rough days we had, I am thankful for audiobooks.

What are some audiobooks that you’ve listened to and loved? Any recommendations for me?

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