Coffee Date


Writer, I have an invitation for you.

I’ve been spending more time with my girls lately (shoutout to Gloria for all her loveliness and amazing stories) and it has made me realize how much I love to sit down with other writers and ‘talk shop’.

Writing is lonely. It’s slow and frustrating, and when you walk alone, it seems impossible.

So I have an invitation for you.

Writer, I will probably never meet you in person, but I would like to have a coffee with you right now. We can find a table in the corner, by the window or behind the potted plants. We can have a cup of coffee each or maybe a pot of tea between us, and we can talk.

Tell me about your journey, about the story you’re working on, about why you started writing and how long you’ve been creating worlds from pens and paper. What’s the title of your manuscript? What do you love about it?

If you like, I can start.

I’ve been writing for seven years. I have eight books behind me, and the manuscript I am pitching now is called We, the Deceived.

I started writing because I loved stories. When I first began, I wasn’t really worried about being published or read, only in learning my process and finding joy in the writing. Since I definitely wasn’t much of a wordsmith when I started, that was a good thing!

Writers need a community, and that’s what I would love to build here. So please, join in! Sit down, have a cup of coffee or tea, and introduce yourself!

7 thoughts on “Coffee Date

  1. Hi! I’m Lexi. I wrote novels during NaNoWriMo in high school and self-published them before I knew that there’s more to a book than the first draft. Now I have a few unfinished worlds circling in my head. Writing fascinates me because it is humongous: God is the ultimate author, who has crafted countless characters and written the greatest story. We can reflect his image when we write. I love that!

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    1. Hi Lexi! Wow, I love your enthusiasm and insight into the craft of storytelling. God has always been the center of my work—whenever I run out of ideas, I always make sure to ask the Master Storyteller. He never runs out of ideas!
      Thanks for jumping in! Are you working on a project currently?

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  2. *settles into my seat with tea in hand*
    Hey Abigail!
    *spills the hot tea on my lap*
    *jumps because HOT*
    *spills the rest of the tea in my mug*
    *grabs napkin*
    *napkins were being held down by the pot*
    *spills ALL the tea*
    I–ow–h-hey, I–sorry–I’m glad we could do this on such–oh! Ow!–a short notice, sorry about the–look out! It’s gonna drip off the table!

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