Coffee Dates: Characters

Good Morning, Creatives!

You made it through the week! Congratulations, you’ve done amazingly well! *Throws glitter and confetti in celebration.*

Seriously though, congratulations for making it through another week and holding onto your commitments as a writer. The world needs writers, and it especially needs writers who are passionate about their stories and about characters. Which leads to my question for this week . . . how do you get to know your characters? How do you come up with them? Do you meet them in the street? In daydreams? Or are they only there to people your amazing worlds?

My Process

I am terribly picky about my characters. Horribly. I like them to live and breathe, and I detest wooden statues. When I first began writing, I would sit down and do long questionnaires for my characters and know all about their little peculiarities.

Now . . . now I like to get to know them the way I get to know my friends. With time.

My Struggles Within That

I can’t come up with characters quickly! They need time to emerge and bloom a bit, and if I don’t give them that time, they end up flat and belligerent. Also, it’s far too easy for a new character who was in no way planned to waltz in and steal my heart and way too much of my attention.

Your Thoughts

How do you get to know and develop your characters? Do they come to you fully formed, names and all, or do you have to build them bit by bit? Tell me about it in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Coffee Dates: Characters

  1. I usually get a basic idea for the character first (like he’s an ex MI6 agent) but I don’t really get a personality until I start writing. Either the character jumps off the page at me, or they’re flat. In that case, I’ll get rid of them and start over.
    Naming is a WHOLE other game. The struggle is real XD

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    1. Naming is so hard! I just had a character that I’ve been working with for four years tell me her name… took her long enough!

      I love that you get to know them through the process, that’s such a cool way to go about it!


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