Coffee Dates: Night Owl or Early Bird

Good Morning, Creatives!

Can we just have a round of applause for those of us who made it through this week? Like, seriously, congratulations! It’s the weekend! We get to rest and write and read books!

Hopefully. Sometimes weekends get booked solid and life gets in the way. But we do our best.

That’s one of the reasons that I love writing in the morning so much. I’ve found over the years that I do my best writing between five and eight in the morning when the world is quiet and the sun is still rising.

Which leads to today’s question! Are you a night owl or an early bird?

My Process

I am definitely an early writer. I like to get up while it’s still gray and misty outside, switch on my fairy lights, and sit down with my kitty to read my bible before the sun rises. Then I go straight to the computer, and most mornings I can fly through 500-1000 words before I even get up for breakfast. Such a good feeling!

My Struggles Within That

Early mornings don’t always happen! Sometimes I really am too tired to move, and that snooze button on my alarm starts looking very nice. Other days, I can’t sleep in to save my life. 5:30 rolls around, and ding, my brain is awake and ready to go, no matter how I happen to feel about it. Sometimes—especially on vacation—it really would be nice to sleep in a bit!

Your Thoughts

What about you? Are you a morning writer, typing with the sunrise and enjoying an early cup of tea to welcome the new dawn? Or do you haunt the deepest watches of the night and compose your words by starlight and moonlight? Tell me about it in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Coffee Dates: Night Owl or Early Bird

  1. Yeah I’m definitely a night owl. It takes me about an hour in the morning to really accept that I’m awake and can’t return to sleep, and even then nothing productive gets done until after lunch. But at night… my brain is ready to chatter and I have to decide if I’m willing to write and stay up way late or if I should start shutting it down so I can sleep. It’s a hard choice, as I do love my sleep. I’ll often write the most in late afternoon or evening to balance out my needs.
    Getting up early when the morning is still gray and the world is still sounds wonderful, conceptually. It just doesn’t pan out very well for me and I end up cold and grumpy and full of regret. 😆

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  2. I would LIKE to be a morning writer, and sometimes I am, but often I end up being an afternoon writer, which is kinda weird, but a lot of times that’s when I have the time. That’s really my rule of thumb: whenever I have the time I write, that’s when I write

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