Wait . . .


. . . didn’t you get a new job?

Why yes, so I did.

Shockingly, my life is not completely made up of weekend adventures, although it may look like it on my blog nowadays. I actually have a real job and I go to work every morning and come home every night. I have a commute, I have a desk, and I go to meetings.

I don’t have a whole lot to contribute to these meetings quite yet, but I go.

Really, though, I actually have a solid reason for not mentioning the work I’ve been doing up until now. See, I work as an apprentice scriptwriter for a radio program. Emphasis on the word ‘apprentice’. My job is to pitch ideas, write scripts, and say yes to anything and everything that comes my way.

Last week they were filming me for a promotional ‘inside peek’ of the production process.

Yeah . . . there’s a reason I didn’t become an actress.

Anyway, this job has been a stretch for me, not just because of the spontaneous quick tasks they need help with, but because of the normal, everyday work that I do.

The word ‘apprentice’ should have tipped me off.

See, I thought I was a good writer. Eight books, two years of blogging, various articles—yeah, I totally know what I’m doing. Right?



I went from being one of the strongest writers in any given room to being the weakest. I’m not saying that modestly, and I don’t mean ‘one of the weakest’.

I mean the weakest writer in the room. The one with the least experience. The most to learn. The least to contribute.

The people I work with—and I mean all of them—have 20-30 years of experience under their belts. They are some of the most successful writers in their field, and they have the platform and the ratings to prove it.

And I am a very little fish in a very big pond.

Needless to say, my pride has taken a beating in the last seven weeks. I don’t think I have ever felt so out of my depth anywhere else.


Writer, it is the single best thing I have ever done for my career.


If you want to grow as a writer, put yourself in a room with six of the greats and let them critique your work. It’s going to hurt, but my goodness, you are going to grow. And not with baby steps. In leaps and bounds. My team is committed to seeing me grow as a writer, and as hard and uncomfortable as that can be at times, it is such a privilege.

So if you ever wonder what happened to me or how I’m doing, just know that I am in the process of swallowing my pride and having my ego kicked in the face a few times.

And that I am learning. And I am so, so grateful to be where I am.

Have you ever gone through a season of rapid growth? Any tips for me? I’d love to hear them!

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