It’s Monday, and I am not going to work today.

How strange is that? I woke up, and my brain immediately started going over the tasks I had to finish at the office before the workweek was over and all the things I needed to plan on getting done today.

Then I realized I wasn’t going into the office at all and had a small identity crisis.

But I’m all better now!

Since I had extra time this weekend, I decided to spend as much of it as I could on projects that needed my attention. On Saturday, my sister and I drove to Denver and went to IKEA in search of the perfect desk for our home office. She works at home on her art, and I have to write somewhere when I come home at night. Our old kitchen table had been a part of our home for two years, and every day for two years I dreamed of putting an ax through it.

The thing was ancient. And ugly. And rickety.

So, we sped off to IKEA to buy the desk I’d had my eye on for about a year.

Spoiler alert: we didn’t buy the desk.

This is how I shop, guys. It’s terrible. We even had the desk in our shopping cart and were ready to go through the line and pay for it.

Then I decided to check the ‘As Is’ section and found a beautiful, tiny little wood table and four chairs for fifty dollars less than we were going to pay for just the desk. And I caved.

So now we have another dining room table.

And I love it.

For one thing, it’s wood. Not plastic with wood patterns painted on it. (Who does that?) For another thing, it’s just the right size for my tiny little house. Now I have a place to sit in the evenings, room to work with my sister, and a little home office that doubles as a dining room.

When your house is 400 square feet, a lot of things get doubled up. My living room and my kitchen, for example. And my bedroom and library.

So now, I have a home office again. One that I actually like. This last week, I finished writing the first draft of the tenth book I’ve written in seven years. So I decided we had to celebrate with something special. A new writing area, some bamboo shoots for my office in town. A bit of decluttering. Now I have a whole new house!

Sort of.

What are you up to this Labor Day weekend? Tell me about it in the comments!

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