This week, I am not going into the office.

I am taking my first vacation days since starting this job, and I am so excited. I’m going to sleep in, read way too many books, write my own projects, and spend so, so much time with my family.

And maybe watch way too much Disney+. Because it’s the only streaming service I’ve ever actually liked. For one thing, I know exactly what I want to watch as soon as I open it.

Meaning, whatever I click on first is my new favorite.

I have a thing for Disney movies. And Pixar.

I’m basically a child, so this is the best streaming service ever.

But I’m going to be so responsible and only watch Frozen once and spend most of my time outside or with my siblings. Case-in-point, yesterday! We went to the zoo—which I took many, many pictures of—and afterward found an outdoor skating rink in downtown Colorado Springs. They had music and lights in the trees and people skating with their kids and cute couples holding hands while they skated.

So, of course, I panicked and had to join because it’s Christmas time almost and skating in the park with lights and music and people is romantic in a fairytale kind of way. So, yes, we did it for the aesthetic.

I took no pictures of the result.

But my sisters and I had so, so much fun. None of them had any skating experience, and I’d only been a few times, so we weren’t exactly graceful, but no one fell or broke any bones or had any major bruises by the end of it.

So it was a success.

I’m hoping for lots more spontaneous adventures before I go back to the office at the beginning of December. But since part of my plan includes hiding away in my tiny cabin with a cozy fire and a good book, I’m going to have to figure out how to do both.

And find time to write and bake cookies as well.

Who needs sleep during vacation, right?

What are some fun activities you jump for when your vacations come around? Tell me about them in the comments!

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