Christmas Is Coming!


I love December.

Christmas lights, music, snow, parties and presents and people we love.

Yep, it’s my favorite.

I already bought all my Christmas presents, if you can believe that. And wrapped them.

Chocolate wine was involved.

And Christmas movies.

It was a good day.

But now that November is past and Thanksgiving is behind us, life is beginning to feel more normal again. My mom is back from her extended visit to my sister in Virginia, my dad is finished with multiple business trips, and it feels like we are starting to settle again after a crazy month.

Thank goodness.

So, now it’s time for Christmas!

My own house won’t be getting much decoration this year, considering that two of us live in this tiny house and there is not much extra room, but my family did a beautiful job at the Big House. There are lights and wreaths and a tree with candy canes, and that’s good enough for me. At least for this year. December is generally a whirlwind in our house, and I have definitely felt that this year. Christmas presents to buy, invitations, Christmas parties at work, decorating. Not everyone is here this year, and I have siblings scattered all over the world (literally), so Amazon is a great help.

Amazon and my address book.

Thankfully, my Christmas presents are wrapped and I only have two parties to plan, so I’ll be attempting to find some evenings and weekends to relax and enjoy the Christmas season without the hurry. Maybe a few Christmas movies. And some music. And a book or two.

We’ll see what I find time to squeeze in.

What are some Christmas traditions that you have to keep the season from becoming too hectic? Tell me about them in the comments!

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