Spring Is Late


Not really.

It’s not late.

It’s only March, and March still feels like an arctic tundra in Colorado. I’m ready for warm temperatures and days that are not windy and freezing. We’ve had a couple. One or two. I even worked outside on my porch one evening. With my jacket. For about fifteen, twenty minutes. Then I got cold and went inside.

I’m ready for spring, basically. I’ve been on walks and hikes and tried to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

It hasn’t worked out for me.

I’ve frozen a couple of times.

I keep hoping it’ll somehow magically be warm when I step outside, and somehow, it never is.

My editor is sending me pictures of her gorgeous warm weather in Missouri. The trees have leaves, everything is green, and the river looks like heaven.

I’m so jealous.

Since I’m working from home for the next few weeks, it would be the absolute perfect time for warmer weather. I could work outside on my porch, get some actual sunshine, maybe get a tan. I can hope, right?

Maybe if I plant enough of my garden for this year, it’ll get warm. I’ve been adding to the collection of sprouts growing on my kitchen counter. I have peppers, three kinds of squash, and turnips growing there now. And some flowers. And a few other things that I’ve forgotten. Peas maybe? Basically, I’m just going to wait until everything pops up and figure out what I have then.

I’m going to have a fun garden.


Most of it will be in pots, however. I’m going to do a container garden. So I can bring it in and out of my house and keep it safe from deer, grasshoppers, too much sun, frost, freak snowstorms . . .

Basically, Colorado.

Colorado kills gardens. Even in the spring.

Which, by the way?

Hasn’t arrived yet.

It’s late.

Are you ready for spring yet? Anything poking up where you live? Tell me about it in the comments!

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  1. GloriaBringe says:

    I’m sooo ready for spring. And sooo not ready for the snow we’re supposed to get on Tuesday. 😫 I need warmth!

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  2. It’s spring here in the UK. Daffodils, Hyacinths and Bluebells are in bloom everywhere and especially pleasing they are coming through in pots in my courtyard garden.🌷

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    1. A.R. Geiger says:

      That sounds wonderful! We’ve still got snow outside, and probably will for another month at least. Enjoy your springtime!


      1. I will try as much as social distancing allows me too.

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      2. A.R. Geiger says:

        True. That’s the trouble just now. Stay safe and enjoy your sunshine! Do you at least have a backyard or a balcony you can venture out on?


      3. Yes, I have a small, walled courtyard garden which I have only recently established. It has spring bulbs and a couple of summer perennials. Mostly in pots. Still I have plenty of time for planning. No more excuses for not getting on with it lol.

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