Keeping Pace


Reading has been hard lately.

Isn’t it weird how that happens sometimes? Life gets busy, people need your attention, work takes up more time than you expect, and BAM! You’ve read two books for the whole month.


I actually don’t remember how many books I read in May. I’d have to check. Hopefully, it was more than two, but I have my doubts. Reading has been HARD lately. Sometimes, even the most important things in your life can get pushed back because of stress or work or people or about a hundred other things that I don’t have the energy to list right now.

Life happens, is what I’m trying to say. And when it does, you have to pick your priorities in order to keep pace with it.

And right now, sadly, reading one hundred books this year is not one of my priorities.

Tragic, right?

Oh well.

The nice part is, I really do have time to read occasionally. In the mornings after my workout . . . six minutes before I start work for the day. Or in the evening, fifteen minutes before I drop into bed. It’s not for long stretches, generally, but I do try to pick up my books often enough to remember that I love to read. Thankfully, I have no shortage of things to read. There’s the audiobook on my phone that I have neglected to start. And the book on my phone that I’m reading for work. And my many, many bookshelves which are full to bursting of books I would love to read or reread.

Still haven’t chosen one of those since I finished the last one. Should probably do that.

Leaving a book on my end table right next to where I sit has also proven to help remind me to read. A page here, a page there. I may not reach a hundred books this year, but I’m keeping pace. And I’m getting a few books read while I do.

How do you keep up with your reading when life gets busy? Tell me about it in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Pace

  1. I have found it interesting that since I have been LESS busy during the COVID_19 lockdown I have found it harder to read anything. I even tried to read what I would normally count as ‘pulp fiction’ but reading lighter books in terms of content has been difficult. I can only conclude that I have too much time on my hands at the moment and whereas reading is a hobby, (I’m also a member of a book group) as the difference between reading for relaxation and searching for knowledge has become a need to fill time. I am doing other things like gardening, needlepoint, crocheting, watercolour’s and re-arranging my house and of course listening to music. I have books all around the house on different topics but I am not feeling drawn to them at the moment.

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    1. I totally know the feeling! I’ve hit that place many times and learned not to beat myself up about it. It happens! It sounds like you’ve been using your time wisely regardless! I always have to remind myself that reading doesn’t have to be y only hobby—I can enjoy other things as well!

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