I’m Back!

This is Wyoming?!

I’m back!

I think.

The world is still spinning like crazy, so I’m not entirely sure. When the ground stops moving under me, and I get my feet again, I’ll let you know.

Until then, guess what?

I’m married!

These last three months have been some of the craziest I can remember, but somehow we made it through in one piece. Wedding planning took up every evening, weekend, and spare minute I’ve had since late June, and having some free time again is a little bit of a shock. My afternoons are no longer spent looking for napkins with silver designs.

So now I have to find a new life purpose.

After all the wedding craze, it was such a relief to spend a week in Wyoming at a B&B. We hiked, drove over the most gorgeous pass, sat beside the most beautiful lakes, and enjoyed all the fall foliage we missed in Colorado because of the smoke.

Colorado was burning during our wedding month, by the way. We had to cancel our honeymoon in Aspen and go a little further afield to find somewhere with breathable air. And clear skies.

Thankfully it’s getting better.

Wyoming isn’t quite the traditional ‘honeymoon destination’, but we had a fantastic time.

I took lots of pictures to prove it.

My sister was laughing at me for going to Wyoming to visit a prison on my honeymoon.

As if that was a weird thing to do. Who wouldn’t want to tour the prison where Butch Cassidy was held before he met the Sundance Kid and began his famous rampage through the Wild West? It was a cool landmark.

All in all, though, our favorite part was not the prison. We liked the hiking better. And the Indian food. I tried to convince my husband that we should move to Wyoming immediately for the Indian food, but he didn’t say yes.

He didn’t say no either, so it’s still on the table.

I’ll let you know.

But we’re home now, and settling into life in our tiny cabin. Jobs are continuing, chores are being figured out, and I am learning to live with the reality that my cat loves my husband more than me.

I’m not going to lie, that was a low blow.

Any newlywed advice to share? Drop it in the comments, along with any life updates from the last three months on your end! I’ve missed you all!

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