Who Has Time To Read???

No, really. Who has time to read?

And can I borrow a little bit from you?

I promise to pay it back the next time I have a few spare minutes.

Which will probably be next year sometime.

Actually, I’ve had more time to read lately than I think. I’ve finally finished with wedding planning, I’ve been married for more than a month (!!!!!), things are starting to settle, and life has found a rhythm.

I have afternoons again.

And evenings.

And time in the morning before I start work.

Of course, most of those times are taken up by personal writing, working out, and time with the husband, but I’ve gotten a few pages in here and there. I finally, finally finished Dracula while we were on our honeymoon, and let me tell you, that book had me panicking right up until the very last page.

Not to spoil anything, but I thought Dracula was gonna come after me.

Freaked me out.

But that book has been added to my ‘read’ list, and I’m on to the next classic. Which happens to be Les Miserables. So, I’m going to take my time with it. There’s something extremely comforting about a book so long that you can linger through the pages, enjoying the writing and the story, because you just know it’s going to take you a few months to get all the way through.

At the very least.

In the meantime, I picked up a fantasy novel at the library. My husband and I were on our way to purchase his new car, and I realized I neglected to bring a book. Or my phone. Or writing implements. So I panicked and we stopped at the library, which turned out to be a good decision.

It took us hours to finish at the dealership. I plowed through 150 pages, and read an entire magazine to give my brain a break.

I almost starved too, but that’s another story.

In short, I am venturing into the literary world again. My books aren’t caked in dust anymore, and I can tell you, it’s a relief to be able to find refuge in a book after being much too busy for so long.

I’ve missed them.

What are you reading now? What were your Halloween/Fall picks for this year? Tell me about them in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Who Has Time To Read???

  1. Now- in the middle of Tom Sawyer. I find time to read in the morning and in the afternoon. After Tom Sawyer, going to begin my Christmas Book full of Classics.

    Read a lot of classics this year:

    1. Mayor of Casterbridge
    2. Secret Garden
    3. Iliad
    4. Odyssey
    5. Bleak House
    6. Wind in the Willows
    7. Anna Karenina- of all them, wasn’t much of a fan

    You probably can already tell I love the classics. In addition, love the fantasies.

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    1. This is a great list! The Secret Garden, Bleak House, and Wind in the Willows are some of my all-time favorites. I haven’t even started thinking about my Christmas list yet… probably should get on that!

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      1. I think I will finish Tom Sawyer this week.

        Own mostly Dickens- A Christmas Carol was partly responsible for my love of classics

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