Finding Room

Did I mention that I got married last year?

I got married last year.

2020 was a whirlwind, let me tell you. For about 27 million reasons.

One of those reasons happened to be moving.

As in, my husband moving in with me.

Yep, we could have gone out and rented an apartment in town or attempted to buy a house or lived in a tent beside the road, but since neither of us are city people and I happened to already be living in a gorgeous cabin in the middle of the woods away from the insanity that is Colorado Springs, we decided to take advantage of what we had.

What we had was a beautiful, wood-paneled cabin.

A 400 square-foot cabin, actually. And two households worth of stuff.

See, my husband and I are already sort of adults. We’re not twenty two anymore. He’s in his thirties and I’m not far behind him. We have stuff. Knives and pots and movies and books and stuff.

A lot of stuff.

More than you’re supposed to have for a very tiny cabin.

So the last four months, we’ve been sorting things out. Since we both work full-time and don’t want to spend our entire lives organizing our storage, it’s been done in stages. Usually when I’m strapped for story ideas and need something to do with my hands so that my brain will work again. His movie collection is gradually migrating to our home, and an enormous box of my books have been packed away until we have a little extra space.

I miss them. Not gonna lie.

But he’s got boxes of stuff still stored away, so it’s a compromise.

And we’re gradually making progress. This weekend, I got into one of my cleaning/organizing moods, and I tackled the back closet and the kitchen. It’s amazing how much storage space you can find if you’re looking for it—and if you’re willing to take a good hard look at the things you own and ask yourself, do I even want this?

Believe me. 98% of the time, the answer is a definite ‘NO’.

The other 2% is generally, “No idea. What is it?”

I did a lot of that today. It’s amazing how much unidentified clutter can collect in back closets.

This weekend has been all about making room for us, and we’re hoping that as the process continues, we can add a bit of room on and find a place where his movies and my books can coexist.

After all, fair is fair.

Any organizing tips out there? Tell me about them in the comments!

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