Learning to Swim

I haven’t posted in two months.

Is that crazy or what? This may be the longest break I’ve taken since I started this blog.

Okay, it’s probably not the longest.

It feels like the longest, though.

I have a good reason for keeping my head down as long as I have. Things have been happening. Big things. Important things.

Basically, these last two months have been a whirlwind of transition, and I’ve been strapped in and holding on for dear life as my whole life has gotten turned upside down and shaken up.

Okay, not my whole life.

My cat’s still around. So is my husband.

They’re very loyal.

Last month marked the end of my nearly-two year long apprenticeship at Focus on the Family. I’ve been working as a scriptwriter for a children’s radio program and learning the ropes as a professional writer under some of the best in the business.

It’s been very educational.

But, as I said, my apprenticeship reached the close at the end of March, and rather than showing me the door and sending me off with a goodbye card and my box of stuff, they asked if I might like to stick around for a little while as a freelancer. I, naturally, said yes, please, and got my home office officially set up for freelancing.

This included starting a business and registering it with the state of Colorado.

I am now the proud owner of Story Nook Productions Ltd.

Emphasis on the ‘proud’ part.


Freelancing, especially with actual clients and several doors that flew open the minute I began the process, is the start of a whole new season for me, and one that I am wildly excited to explore. Registering an actual business and setting myself up as an actual professional adult writer has been very intimidating, and I can tell I am definitely out of my depth.

But, if I’m honest, I’ve out of my depth for a good long time now. So long, in fact, that I am learning pretty quickly to swim.

What’s better than that?

What’s been going on with you since I’ve been away? Tell me about it in the comments!

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