Preparing for a Garden

We are so, so close to gardening weather here in Colorado. I’ve been waiting. And counting the days. And checking the temperature. See, Colorado is cold. And it stays cold for a long, long, long time after the ‘first day of spring’ that the rest of the country enjoys. Our first day of spring is … Continue reading Preparing for a Garden


Now that I am not working full time, I have a little more flexibility in my schedule. Obviously, I’m still getting up early to work out and spending the majority of my day at my desk, but since my only boss at the moment is myself, it’s a little easier to wiggle out of writing … Continue reading Freedom

Wedding Hair

My sister is getting married next month. We’re all wildly excited about it. What better way to celebrate June than with a wedding? I am not in this particular wedding, but I am working the ‘behind the scenes’ to get all the little miscellaneous tasks done. Lots of flowers. Lots of decorating. Lots of lists. … Continue reading Wedding Hair

Writing Free

My writing habits are changing. I like to think that they always are, actually. As a writer, I like to go with what works and change things up when something begins to feel stale. If I don’t, things get stuck. Actually, I get stuck. Being stuck is my least favorite state of being. I stare … Continue reading Writing Free