Wedding Hair

My sister is getting married next month.

We’re all wildly excited about it. What better way to celebrate June than with a wedding?

I am not in this particular wedding, but I am working the ‘behind the scenes’ to get all the little miscellaneous tasks done. Lots of flowers. Lots of decorating. Lots of lists.

Things like that.

I’ve got a lot of caps in this wedding. Including hair stylist.

Not for the bride, thank heavens. I’m not ready for that one.

But my three youngest sisters all have very fancy dresses and they all need very fancy hairstyles to go with those fancy dresses.

So I obliged.

Since my hair is fairly short and these particular sisters have long, gorgeous, luxurious hair that I am constantly jealous of, we decided it was going to take some serious practice on my part to make sure I got their hair right.

They’ll be in pictures, guys. I can’t fail this one.

So, instead of our usual Wednesday game night, we’re doing a Wednesday night hair appointment, usually involving movies and ice-cream and me tugging at their heads for three hours in an attempt to copy the styles that were decided on for them.

I’m gonna get this, I swear. I’m smart. I can do hair.

Not perfectly, of course, but I can do hair.

I am very thankful, however, that we have time to practice, because I need it.


At least we’re getting in some good sister bonding time while we do it, right?

Any hair tips for a hopeless novice? Tell me in the comments!

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