Airports are weird.

I’ve spent my fair share of time in airports over the years. Probably about as much time as I want to, actually. Airports in Scotland, China, Cambodia, Spain . . . you get the idea. No matter what country you’re visiting, airports are just weird.

For example.

I flew down to Missouri to visit my editor for her wedding in May. Because of some issues with weather and rides, I ended up at the airport a little early.

About ten hours early, actually.

Snowstorms in Colorado make you do weird things. Especially when the airport is two hours away.

So, I sat around at tables, on benches, and in corners on the floor while I waited for my flight to come in. I had a book, my computer, and about a dozen projects to work on, but for a good part of the time, I got caught up in people watching.

Have I mentioned that airports are weird? Social norms go out the window. No one looks twice at the guy sleeping on the floor in the corner. Who knows how long he’s been there—but we’re sure he’s fine. A child can be screaming somewhere close by, but no one goes to check, because we understand. Airports make us want to scream a little too. People wander around in their pajamas. Some of them have pillows. Or teddy bears. No one questions it.

Airports are just like that.

When we were traveling through Southern Europe five years ago, I carried my sleeping bag with me through the airports. While we were on the plane, it stayed safely stashed with my carry-on in the overhead bin. While we were waiting for our planes, usually for three or four hours at a time, I whipped it out and slept on the floor.

I still wish I’d thought of that during my ten hour layover in China.

Concrete floors are not the nicest to sleep on.

What are some of the weird things you’ve seen or done in airports? Tell me about them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Airports

  1. I wonder, considering how you have spent a good part of your life in airport world, if you have witnessed the boy-or-girl-stop-boy-or-girl-from-boarding-a-plane-because-he-loves-her scene? You know, such human trifles that are ubiquitous but in our own lives— I have never been to an airport.

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    1. Ha! Nope, never happened. Rarer than you would think because you have to go through security and have a passport to ever get to the gates. You’ve never been to an airport? Wow! You should go. Traveling is great—although I guess right now is not the best time to do it.

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