Autumn Winds

August is allergy season.

At least, it is in Colorado.

We have ragweed, see, and in August, all of its awful, horrible pollen is released into the wind, and I have to retreat into my house with my air purifier and take allergy meds on a schedule and freeze rags for my puffy eyes and generally just endure the misery until it’s over.

Not my favorite thing.

But! September is approaching wonderfully fast, and—since I can’t go outside right now anyway—I have gone into full planning mode.

Autumn doesn’t last long in Colorado. If you blink, you miss it, so I like to make sure I have all my favorite autumn activities scheduled and my favorite autumn books lined up to enjoy every last perfect crisp day.

It’s my favorite season.

If you hadn’t noticed.

This year will be extra special because, although I am actively running my own business and writing up a storm, I also have the flexibility to work around other people’s schedules. People like my writer’s group, and my sister and her husband.

We’re planning for corn mazes.

And pumpkin patches.

And a few bonfires too, if the weather doesn’t turn out too dry.

We might have to skip that one.

But you know what we won’t have to skip? Hot apple cider. And corn mazes. And pumpkin patches and carving parties. And sweaters and scarves and boots. And turning leaves and apple crumbles and autumn wreaths. And Halloween, which, oddly enough, I did not ever appreciate until I became an adult.

I was a very nervous child.

Autumn also signals the beginning of our hunt for wood. My husband and I are setting aside weekends to build our winter stack—just as soon as I can go outside without falling to pieces. We’ve also got some special dates planned. I’m counting the days.

What are your autumn plans this year? Tell me about them in the comments!

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