Hey, remember how I disappeared for the last three months of 2021?

Yeah, me too.

I have a good reason, actually. See, besides working full time to get two scripts in before the end of the year, I was also in classes.

Class? Classes? One class, stretching out over multiple weeks?

Basically, the show runner for the radio production I work for let me know that one of their freelancers—a college professor—would be giving his college writing course to several of the people on the team. He asked if I wanted to join.

No pressure, of course. I wouldn’t have to do any homework assignments unless I wanted to.

I, naturally, replied very professionally that it sounded like a good opportunity and I would be happy to attend.

Then we hung up and I called four people and screamed because FREE EDUCATION Y’ALL.

Would you like a life tip?

Never, under any circumstances, pass up on free education in your career field.

Just don’t. You’ll regret it.

So, once a week, I fired up Zoom on my phone and scribbled notes like a madman while the amazing Phil Lollar—yes, I’m name-dropping, I’m sorry—taught us everything that he’s spent the last thirty plus years accumulating at a writer.

It was a lot.

Like, a lot.

The man knows things, y’all. He’s very smart.

I didn’t expect the class to add as much to my work load as it did—homework is actually a lot more work than I always thought it would be—but I made it through. Scripts got sent in, assignments were finished, hair was torn out, and I discovered more about my writing and myself than I would have ever imagined I would.

It was a great class.

I feel much smarter.

As helpful and informative as it was, our ten weeks are up now, and I’m back to a normal schedule and a normal workload—which means a book, a TV show, radio scripts, and this blog.

Thank goodness for that.

Do you have a favorite class you’ve attended, either in college or otherwise? Tell me about it in the comments!

One thought on “Classes

  1. Yes, I am also one who learns best from a person rather than books. I had three surgical teachers by the names Hackett, Bury and Hyde, ………. honestly. Bury was also my very first examiner in the anatomy lab, in fact it was my first exam in med school, just him and me. Can you imagine my state of mind??
    As I walked into the room with windowsills littered with human bones, he greeted me with the words: “well what would you like to talk about” I was incredulous!
    I chose the ulna in a spontaneous decision and I don’t remember anything else except my immense relief. Credit to a man who did meticulous surgery (when I assisted him occasionally in my training years later) and in retirement assisted surgeons into his late eigthies.
    Please excuse my unpolished English. It was never a priority as my second language.
    Dieter L.

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