A Dozen Little Failures

I have a dozen failures,
Every one of them is mine.
Like a dozen little ducklings,
Spread out in a line.

They follow me throughout my life,
They never miss a beat.
A dozen little failures,
Gathered all around my feet.

Didn’t wash the dog today,
Forgot to feed the fish,
Called my mom an hour late,
And broke another dish.

I have a dozen failures,
They always come along.
Chattering the whole long way,
To remind me I’ve done wrong.

I stubbed my toe again,
And bought a shirt I didn’t need.
The dishes aren’t done,
And there’s the book I didn’t read.

I failed that class I should’ve aced,
And didn’t make the bed,
That lettuce rotted in the fridge,
And there are words I should’ve said.

I have a dozen failures,
They populate my life.
A dozen little failures,
Who always cause me strife.

I should’ve run a mile today,
I wish I’d washed my clothes,
My garden’s been neglected,
I could weed between the rows.

My writing’s been abandoned,
I forgot about that note.
I didn’t clean the bathroom,
And there’s a hole in my new coat.

I have a dozen failures,
They follow me around.
Like cheeping, peeping ducklings,
It’s not so bad as it might sound.

They come and go in every life,
They’re not so easy to forget.
Screeching, scratching failures,
Round every person I have met.

We all want something better,
A life within the lines.
A perfect pretty box,
To build around our shrines.

I have a dozen failures,
I think I’ll keep them all.
They peck apart my perfect world,
And remind me of His call.

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